The original Idea of MR application within our company.

Providing hands free work instructions to the user how to maintain a Mould. Sure this could be done for any other objects a well! Similar to R-Step, this app provides step by step guidance on “What and How” to do each task. Textual descriptions and dedicated videos provides accurate work instructions that can simply be followed. This app is meant to be used for training or on the job especially as the typical maintenance cycle is several months long.



Our brand new Mixed / Augmented Reality (MR/AR) Software, that can guide you visually through many manually executed and difficult technical processes. Enriched with IoT and smart Tool data makes the processes more dynamically and reactive.

Global coverage

Even as “There’s no place like home”, we would support you almost everywhere. However, to reduce our CO2 footprint, Internet – Cloud – Video conferencing – …  should allow us to support you from anywhere.

Research & Development

If you do not have your own R&D for XR / MR / AR or IoT, Cloud technology, we are able to support you with our experience and expertise during all phases of your project.


No matter if you have already some use-cases identified or would like to see if this technology would improve your business, we can support you to define your own Cross Reality (XR) strategy that fit your needs.