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The original Idea of MR application within our company.

Providing hands free work instructions to the user how to maintain a Mould. Sure this could be done for any other objects a well! Similar to R-Step, this app provides step by step guidance on “What and How” to do each task. Textual descriptions and dedicated videos provides accurate work instructions that can simply be followed. This app is meant to be used for training or on the job especially as the typical maintenance cycle is several months long.



Our brand new Mixed / Augmented Reality (MR/AR) Software, that can guide you visually through many manually executed and difficult technical processes. Enriched with IoT and smart Tool data makes the processes more dynamically and reactive.

Research & Development

If you do not have your own R&D for XR / MR / AR or IoT, Cloud technology, we are able to support you with our experience and expertise during all phases of your project.


No matter if you have already some use-cases identified or would like to see if this technology would improve your business, we can support you to define your own Cross Reality (XR) strategy that fit your needs.

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What else we provide?

Global coverage

Even as “There’s no place like home”, we would support you almost everywhere. However, to reduce our CO2 footprint, Internet – Cloud – Video conferencing – …  should allow us to support you from anywhere.

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What our clients say

Mixed Reality will become one of the major supporting tools. Remote Assistance and detailed work description will help us to satisfy our customer needs.


We have been searching for an innovative solution to support our customer managing and supporting their moulds. AVR provided us the right know-how to lead the market.

ACH-Solution CEO@ACH-Solution

Our tools

Who are we?

We are a startup in the heart of Austria. Founded 2017 with one thing in mind "Introduce enabling technologies". Working close with local companies that needs to be highly innovative to keep on top with their products and processes. We are working in several areas:

  • Mixed / Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud usage
  • Blockchain Technology

About our R-STEP Mixed Reality Application

Task Oriented Visual Guidance

One of the most demanding challenges in high-wage countries is to learn, adopt and implement complex processes with highest quality and speed. This type of software will support you to survive future challenges.

  • Sequence of Steps that needs to be done, transmitted via Text Description, detailed Video, and Animations that enrich the reality by overlaying or make them visible at the necessary checkpoints.
  • Animations can be everything from complex animated CAD objects to simple pointers.
  • Environment information available and visible in the 3D space following the users to have them available and visible anywhere anytime.
  • Provided Information can be based on Object recognition (if it becomes visible to the user) or position dependent.
  • Realtime constraints coupled with available environment information can be added to each Step. This constraints either make the user aware of it or hide the Step if not necessary.
  • Order and amount of Steps easily configurable and extendable.


Dashboard – Necessary Process Information
Clear Information

R-Step – The WHAT, WHERE, and HOW to do

Fakuma 2018 – KrausMaffei PX-25

R-STEP overview

Task Control and Functionality
What To do – Visualised via Animation


About our MouldDoc application

A mold maintenance app, which could be given away with each mold to allow the customer maintaining the mold by themself in the necessary quality, flexibility, and speed as necessary. Can be used for training or while executing the job.

  • Detailed step by step guidance
  • Hands free work instruction
  • Each screw, o-ring, … to work with will be shown
  • Videos to show standard tasks i.e. cleaning a nozzle
  • Improves quality, speed, flexibility

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Meet us at ECM LSR 2019

LSR 2019 September 9-12, 2019 in Schaumburg, Illinois LSR 2019 will cover a range of relevant, engaging topics related to advancements in all aspects of LSR – medical, automotive, electronics, consumer products, and more. Learn alongside the industry’s best and join together for networking and hands-on workshops. http://executive-conference.com/conference/lsr-2019/


Thanks to Prof. Dr. Victor Goncharenko who wrote the artikel in the Polymer Magazin Nr 3 2019 about our R-Step application.

Fakuma 2018

A perfekt place to show our new applications and technologies to a wide audience – Fakuma 2018th. Many thanks to our partners ACH Solution GmbH, KrausMaffei Technologies GmbH, The Dow Chemical Company for their support. Visual Guidance Dashboard Even Smallest Things Simple things Easy Commands Complex Animation Clear Information Easy to find What To do […]

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